everything is a bit hazy thereafter….

Dear Mr. Nathan

My apologies for the delay in returning the signed document to you, I have been laid low by a mystery illness which left me unable to rise from bed until just a few minutes ago. I can’t think what can have caused it, perhaps it was something I ate. I recall getting into conversation with an elderly but strangely attractive Welsh lady over a few gins in the bar of the Mindoah Hotel last night, but everything is a bit hazy thereafter.

Anway, I have signed and dated the agreement, electronically by means of a mouse as I didn’t feel up to a trip to the internet cafe in order to make use of their scanner. I have done as you suggest and left the witness signature blank, there is little prospect of finding a trustworthy person in this part of the country.

Agreement and id are attached.

I look forward to your reply,

Kind Regards,

Mr. B. Nodelay