send me some money………

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 18:04:16 +0000

Attention: Brooke Nodelay,


With respect to your returning the Power of Attorney, we are due to commence since you have signed the power of attorney that gives me the authority to act on your behalf in this fund transfer. I will now commence with company registration and opening of a non-resident account in your name for your onward remittance to your nominated bank account but I still require a copy of your identity document either passport copy/drivers license or any national identity document.

Listed below is the cost of the company registration and non-resident account opening of which your partner informed me that he will pay for you company registration and back dating while you pay for the account opening fee as he has also paid for the authority to remit procurement.

1. Company Registration: US$8,900 {Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars}

2. Non- Resident Account Opening and Upgrading: US$52 & US$2000 {Fifty Two Dollars & Two Thousand Dollars}

To open a non resident account is 52 dollars and to upgrade the account to carry the fund is 2000 Dollars as the fund cannot be deposited in a virgin/newly opened account, your partner will pay 8,900 Dollars for your company registration and you pay a total of 2,052 Dollars for the online non-resident account opening and upgrading. Do make the arrangement to send the fee, immediately I receive it I will proceed with procuring and signing all documentations on your behalf for the remittance and I can guarantee you that you will start transferring the fund from the non-resident account which will be opened for you to your account before end of next week if we commence immediately.

Do call me for further inquiry. +27 73 707 9746.

Yours Sincerely,

Edward Nathan Esq