directed by an invisible hand

Dear Mr. Nathan

I’m sorry to hear of the diffficulties that you are having in downloading my identity document, as I may have mentioned I am new to the world of computers so have no doubt done something silly. I will try again today to get a suitable scan of my passport and forward it to you as soon as possible.

I have made enquiries at the hotel and there is a Western Union office in Mr.Thomson’s store at no. 12 Park Road, which is just half an hour’s walk from here, so I shall set off shortly and arrange the transfer. It is fortunate that I managed to empty the office safe before the fraud squad moved in, I have just enough money left to pay your fees. Sometimes things just work out for the best, it’s almost as though the path of my life is directed by an invisible hand. Do you find that Mr. Nathan?

KInd Regards

Mr. B. Nodelay