There is no need for that tone of voice….

Mr Nathan

There is no need for that tone of voice. I have TWICE sent you a scan of my passport which you claim to be “unable to download”.¬† I have laid out the best part of a thousand pounds on an airline ticket, partly for some sunshine but partly, I might add, down to your inability to simply OPEN AN ATTACHMENT! The simplest solution seemed to be for me to place the money and my passport directly into your hands.

My partner appears to hold you in high regard Mr. Nathan, but I am beginning to have deep misgivings about employing you, indeed as we say in these parts I very much doubt that you could be trusted with a used plate of whelks. I would not be at all surprised to find that you had one of your cohorts lined up ready to replace me as Mr. Damanes partner. Well, we shall see about  that, I shall discuss the matter with Mr. Damane.


B. Nodelay.