don’t you have a phone number?

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 16:44:25 +0000
Subject: RE: Change of plan

Attention: B.Nodelay

You don’t seem to get it,if the non-resident account is not opened by tomorrow the it will not be possible to remit the fund out of the country this year,it will have to wait until the first week of next year by which time anything can happen,so you see that if you do not send the account fee tomorrow before arriving here then it is pointless because you will wait until next year which your partner cannot afford waiting,so if you do not send the account fee tomorrow morning you can as well forget about the remittance because if your partner have to suceed he has to get the account being processed from tomorrow.
So if you are serious which I know you are not then send the fee tomorrow so that the account will be ready upon your arrival,don’t you have a phone number?

Yours Sincerely,

Edward Nathan Esq