Mr Nodelay sends some money

Dear Mr. Nathan,

Thank you for your email, perhaps we will be able to get along with each other after all. I have just returned from the Western Union office where, to my embarrassment, I discovered that after paying for my flight and the train ticket to Heathrow I didn’t have quite as much cash left as I had hoped. I have sent $1700 dollars as a gesture of good faith and have a plan to obtain the balance, plus enough for drinks on the plane and a taxi at the other end. Hotel safes pose no problems for Mr. Nodelay.

The transfer details are as follows:

Date: 15/12/2010

Time: 18:03

Sender: Mr. B.Nodelay

Office:  Mr Thomsons, 12 Park Street, Lytham St. Annes , UK

Amount:  $1700  (exc commission)

recipient:  Ivani Ntshwanti, 197 Louis Bothan Ave, Orange Groove, Johannesburg, South Africa

number:  765 882 1304

question: What goes 99 bonk?

answer: A centipede with a wooden leg.

I hope to transfer the balance first thing tomorrow before catching my train to Heathrow.

Kind Regards,

Mr. B. Nodelay