A joke??????

2010/12/16, Brooke Nodelay <b.nodelay@hotmail.co.uk>:

My Dear Joseph,

A joke? I am replying to your mail from my laptop using the free wirelessaccess at Birmingham railway station while waiting for a train to Heathrow airport in order to catch the BA055 to Johannesburg, so if it IS a joke then from my point of view it really isn’t very funny. I have paid Mr Nathan $1700 dollars and emailed him the details to allow him to pick it up.

I have the receipt and intend confronting Mr.Nathan with it tomorrow. He is denying that he has received $1700, why would he do that? I do not trust Mr.Nathan, I have a feeling that he is attempting to deceive both of us.

I would appreciate it if you could collect me from the airport tomorrow morning, expected arrival time is 06:45, we can then go and confront Mr. Nathan in person.

Kind Regards,