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From: Peter Ikenga
To: trellis@??????.net
Date sent: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 18:33:41 +0100 (CET)

Dear Mrs Trellis,Thank you for your prompt response to my message. The information that I have sent to you in my previous letter e-mail for you is inside information. My motivation in this regard is clear that I seek your cooperation in the recovery of a contract of this unclaimed outstanding payment due at the end of my client for a contract in which he performed for the government of our country, Cote d Ivory years back.I decided to undertake this mission based on the premises that justice must be done and that I can not take on alone, I decided to confide in you and ask for your help with this matter .

Let me take this opportunity to bring to your attention that the late Bruce Trellis who was a resident registered in our country was the source of your country, but in the long migrated to Europe, before finally coming to settle here , in Africa. Although I do sincerely believe that you may or may not be related to the end of my client, I do not find it convenient to contact you because of the urgency of the issue that we run a race against the clock to prevent the public trustee in the liquidation of outstanding payment if it is not claimed within the time prescribed as they have stated in their opinion the approval registry of the high court. However serious and enormous this transaction might look or sound, be assured that when the necessary steps are taken, then we have a good chance of having the funds transferred within 14 working days of creation.

The Ivory Coast Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the bank where the contract Unclaimed funds are deposited have agreed on a resolution and have jointly commissioned the register approval to provide his next of kin to claim more because of this long outstanding contract or payment of funds will be returned to the Government of cash unclaimed funds and unusable as stipulated in our country Act public property at the expiration of a deadline given approval registry . At a point of desperation, I came across your name / email while trying to follow a link on the internet to find any report of the end of the contractor and believe that you may be able to act instead of the late entrepreneur as his next Parents and obtain approval for the immediate release of this extraordinary funds to you, I have seen fit to contact you and seek your cooperation in updating this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I do not know how far it can go with you, but it is useful if we join hands, we can not allow the sweat of men to pass over to be confiscated by the Conseil d ‘ Trustees of the Public Trustee, and eventually abroad Accounts of the page when there are politicians legitimate ways in which we can acquire this money for ourselves. By virtue of my position here in the ministry, it is my responsibility to establish that you legally the next of kin beneficiary of the deceased person, and I gladly contractor shall provide any paperwork to substantiate this. The most important factor is to ensure that there is sufficient sincereity, confidence and transparency in all our dealings on the release and transfer of these funds by the bank.I knew that the late Bruce Trellis for well over twelve years that we were close confidants, I helped to create a brokerage firm here in Abidjan in 2000 and since then we have grown close. I must be frank with you, I had never met any of his relationships and in turn it has been very comfortable here. In fact, he was installed here, just like most other expatriate American, Asian and European origins and is thriving in his efforts comercial. Until his death, aged 62, he was residing at 2, rue Fleming, Zone 4 Abidjan. I was on this issue and has initiated since several searches to locate a well-meaning parent of the deceased person who helped in research and repartriation of this outstanding contract funds of the late contractor, but I hate to confess that all my efforts were Infructueuse.

As for the immediate issue at hand, I have witnessed when the late Bruce Trellis company has signed a certificate awarding the contract with the Ministry of Works and Housing, here in Abidjan. The total value of the contract was placed at $ 37, he was paid to the mobilization payment of $ 13 million and completion of the contract, he was paid $ 17.2 million a month before his untimely death to bring its total payment received by him in the amount of US $ 30.2 million, which is not yet up to the value of the contact which was awarded to him.Now the outstanding amount of 6, 8 million United States dollars is currently unclaimed and waiting to be paid, but this has not been done because no relative of the Deacesed contractor has submitted applications for funds.

This cash deposit matured for a long time for the transfer, but the bank wants a possible relative to present as a witness for the final payment of this outstanding fund contract. Given the limited time available to us to make our case in this case, I would like us to go with the other in a hurry to save the funds.The problem is that it pays for us to use this opportunity and pursue the issue as I have suggested that the loss entirely to the government which will confiscate or in their own term “absorption” of the entire heritage of the late Bruce contractor, a boon for both the government and Officials of the banks. The success of this operation is our collective responsibility and I would propose to set aside 10% of the stock and share the money to various charities while we share the remaining 90%, 50 – 50. Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

It will interest you to know that, after the death of a businessman and management of the bank has made several contacts to trace his next of kin who must make claims of this fund, but without success was due made.I Very professional reason and I think it will be legally correct to present you as the next of kin of the deceased my client and the sole beneficiary of the funds outstanding contract. The rest is between you and me and with my guide, we may ask for the fund by placing themselves as the next of kin to my late client, once the money was released and transferred, we might as well continue the search to find a parent who died, but what matters most at this moment is the safety of funds.

I have in my possession, copies of the contract documents that we will not face any problems or difficulties in defending any claims we make. The documents are mainly suitable for this transaction. Upon receipt of your next letter, in which I ask you to provide more information about you, such as address, telephone and fax numbers, age, marital status and occupation present, I can transmit copies Contractual documents in my custody that you save your file purpose thereof. The information I have requested will be used for filling and submitting a formal request for the claims in your favor to both the Ministry and the Bank and are also used for the treatment of releases and transfers of funds. Call me on the telephone number below should you need more clarification on this matter.


Barrister Peter Ikenga.
Plot 23, Hibiscus Street, Atouba.
Abidjan – Cote D ‘Ivoire.
Tel: +22 50 4344721.
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