The plan…….

Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 10:08 AM
Subject: Many thanks for your reply to my proposition.

Dear Ethel Trellis (Mrs),

How are you doing? Hope Great. Many thanks for your reply to my proposition. Like I told you, it was my accurate performances that I was able to manipulate this deal, and that I am in this transaction does not mean I am a corrupt manager or that I don’t have reputation to maintain. This transaction is 100% risk free because I have perfected all the underground work for its smooth successful completion once started. I am a careful human being, above all I am a man of principal who stand by his words and considering my reputation in the banking sector, I cannot involve myself in anything I am not sure of to avoid bringing shame to myself and entire family, this is my 21 yrs in the banking sector, I have never miscalculated hence this transaction cannot be an exemption. I quite appreciate your intakes to consider my proposal, and I am very much relaxed to do this business with you. And I want to assure you that as far as I know, every fee/charges regarding this transaction, will be deducted from the principal sum, before the balance is thransferred to your nominated bank account.

I contacted you because I cannot handle the transaction alone hence I am still in service. Right now the International Commercial Bank of Ghana have started paying out all outstanding debts to there Depositors, and if you can adhere to my directives, and work with me accordingly, we will be favored under this arrangement.

As I did explain in my very first email message, this amount of US$ 3,500,000.00 was realized as excess profits made by this branch of the International Commercial Bank which I head. Presently, I have the funds lodged in a Non-Investment Account without a beneficiary. The transfer would be via a conventional Bank-to-Bank.

The modalities I have mapped to round up the transfer of the funds to your haven include the following:

(1) I will configure your names on the Database of the entire International Commercial Bank Ghana as the depositor/holder of the Escrow Call Account presently holding the US$ 3,500,000.00.

(2) With your names duly programmed on our banks database, I will issue a Backdated Deposit Slip showing your name as holder of the Escrow Account. The Backdated Slip would also indicate that the account has existed with our bank before now.

(3) In lead of the above steps, I will then provide you with a draft application that you shall rewrite on your business letterhead or a plain paper and then, email it to the Head Office of our bank requesting Closure of the Account/wire transfer of the proceeds to your designated bank account in your country.

With the above structures, you practically become a customer of our bank. When you therefore apply to my head office for closure of the account/transfer of the funds to your designated bank account, the scenario would wear the context of a foreign customer who wants his account closed and the funds transferred to him abroad.

If you concur with this proposal, kindly get back to me with your full names, your physical address, your direct telephone and fax number and copy of your ID; such as your International passport, Driver’s License or Notational Identity. With your prompt attention, this transaction would be completed within five days.Please accept the sharing ratio of 70/30% respectively.

I have taken the pains to outline these points and with great hope it should be clear to your understanding.

Best Regards,
Mr.Konar Gamba
Mobile: +233-54-3457174.