The delivery arrangements.

Dear Ethel Trellis,

Thank you so kindly for responding to my mail regards to this transaction, i really appreciate your understanding towards this project even though you are not yet convinced how the arrangement will be concluded. Right at the moment, I want to first of all transfer the money to your country through diplomatic delivery, so that after you must have received the money, I will come over to your country in the next two weeks to meet with you regards to the investment partnership but for the facility, i will require the studio flat, i hope it will accommodate me and my two kids for one month. I need your help to assist me to receive the money ( $20,500,000 million Dollars) in your custody to enable me relocate my late husband investment in your country due to the crisis here in Syria, while you will be in partnership with me in the aspect of real estate development and selling or any lucrative business in your country. This is why i am bringing such huge amount of money in your country for an investment and partnership with you. I want to assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free, if you desire we make an agreement, you can identify for proper confirmation of the legitimate in this business.

Please take note, due to the National Transitional Council of Syria (NTC) current reforms in Syria, I cannot effectively and safely move the money by bank transfer from Syria to your nominated bank account in your country. But, I have an arrangement to move the whole money in cash to your country, so I will need you to receive it for me regards to establishing an investment with you in your country with the money. I want to assure you that the delivery will be successfully done without any inconveniences from your country because the diplomatic agent in London who will bring this box to your country has the immunity to deliver such consignment without any hitch. I will grave your indulgence to cooperate with the diplomatic agent absolutely when the box transit in London before departure to your country, so that he will do his job perfectly to bring the box successfully to you.

Please permit me to explain the delivery arrangement to you. Every week a Red Cross relief airplane leaves Syria to Europe to carry relief items back to Syria, so the amount will be concealed in a metal box and sent as diplomatic parcel through the Red-Cross airplane to transit in London. Automatically, the parcel will have diplomatic immunity that will protect the parcel and its receiver. When the box transit in London, I have arranged with a diplomatic delivery agent in London who will pick up the delivery of the box from the Red – Cross airplane, after concluding all logistics with the custom and airport authority successfully, then he will depart with the box from London directly to your address in your country through the nearest airport close to your city. I have carefully thought out this arrangement and I can assure you that my confidence is confirm that the delivery will be accomplished in safe order without any hitch.

I can send the box money this coming week. What is required for the delivery to take place is your full names, your full contact address, your private telephone number, sex/age and occupation which you have to forward to me comprehensively to conclude the registration of the box and delivery arrangement with the Red Cross agent in Syria and also with the diplomatic agent who will receive the box from the Red Cross agent in London and finally move it to your country for handover. I pray you accept this arrangement because I earnestly desire to get the money out of the way before leaving Syria to your country. I don’t want to leave without first moving the money from here so i can be able establish my investment with you in your country. Hope you can understand.

I appreciate your trust in me and i want to assure you that I will strictly follow our agreement, after you have received the money you should remove the 20% as agreed. I hope you will keep your part of the agreement and that the rest amount will be safely passed on to me on my arrival in your country for the investment arrangement with you as my partner. I am absolutely sorry for your husband condition, i believe when you must have received this money in your country, it will go a long way to help and solve your husband condition.

Write me as soon as you read this mail. I will contact you again to furnish you further delivery modalities before the box will depart from Syria to transit in London if you are in agreement in this arrangement. I wait for your swift responds.

My Regards,

Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.