Introducing, I kid you not, the Diplomatic agent Mr Lord Porch.

Dear Mrs Ethel Trellis,

Thank you so kindly for confiding your interest to work with me in this partnership of investing in Scotland. Please my good partner, it very important that we follow up this arrangement without fears or doubt regards to some new developments that came up in the arrangement so that the arrangement can be successfully concluded without any hitch and delays. As you have accepted to work with me, i believe you will discharge part of your partnership assistance in this arrangement and also render support as it may required in the delivery. It is very important that you provide your private telephone number for immediate communication between you and the diplomatic agent when the box transit in London.

I just received confirmation from the Diplomatic agent Mr. Lord Porch in London, who will receive the box on your behalf from the Red cross agent in London regards to the procuring of the custom clearance/tax duty charges of the box which will be required in London airport to avoid inspection before the box will depart from London to Scotland and the agent just informed me that as soon as the box transit in London airport, the custom will definitely request for the clearance/tax duty charges payment of the box and this will required us to procure this clearance/tax documents from the custom which require money for the procurement of this clearance/tax documents. Therefore, i will want to confirm from you if you are ready to give me such assistance for the payment of the custom clearance/tax duty charges when the box transit in London because i cannot handle such situation from Syria to London due to the crisis situation here, this is why i ask of such assistance from you and also has already made a provision of 20% for you regards to this transaction to deduct all you will pay for the box delivery/clearance charges in London airport before departure to Scotland as soon as the box transit in London before departing to Scotland, the same day.
My kind regards, and I eagerly look forward to your Favorable answer and continual cooperation. Please always stay close to your computer from this moment to be checking mails so that you do not miss out from any information. I wait for understanding and responds before i can finalize the registration of the box today with the Red cross.

My regards,

Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.