we’ve been had!

From: Self
To: Peter Ikenga
Date sent: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 08:33:44 -0000

Dear Mr Ikenga

DON’T PAY YOUR HALF OF THE FEES!!! I’ve just been down to Mr Opara’s (Discount flights, Phone cards, DVDs and money transfers) on the High Street and asked to transfer £320 to Osita Sunday John in Abidjan.

Mr Opara just laughed and called me “a silly old fool”. He then explained what a “”Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud” was. He seemed to know a great deal about our arrangement. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it would appear that you and I are innocent victims of an international scam, whatever you do, DON’T PAY YOUR HALF OF THE FEES, you won’t get your 3 million US dollars.

I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of such disappointing news, especially as you sound like an honest hard working chap. For my part, I’m off to the Dog and Bucket to spend £320 on gin.

Kind regards

Mrs Trellis