avoid any eye brow …….

Dear Mrs Ethel Trellis,

I will start by thanking you for accepting to cooperate with me. I appreciate your kindness and help with this situation, thank you for your openness of heart to me; it is hard to find people in this day and age that are sincerely willing to render help or assistance as I’m a stranger to you. Be rest assured that my situation and request is a real life situation and I am very happy for your willingness and readiness to offer us your kind help. Thank you from our hearts to you. I want to inform you that i have successfully registered the box as a consignment with the Red Cross office here in Syria today.

Coming to the delivery proper, I have presently concluded plans for the delivery to take place on 30th November.2014. The safe will be sent from here (Syria) to transit in London. The box has been registered in your name as the receiver/owner on 27th November.2014 and it will transit in London on Monday morning – 1st.12.2014. It will be received in London by Dipl. Lord Porch who will also bring it to you at your address/home in Scotland on Monday. The content of the shipment will be the $20,500.000 U.S Dollars only. This amount will be concealed inside a safe and be
delivered to you at your address in Scotland as your personal belongings and not money. Meaning that Mr. Porch will not know that the safe/shipment contains money, he will only know that the shipment is your personal belongings which he is to deliver to you at your home. So you shall receive the box as the receiver/owner from Mr. Porch as your personal properties.
I will want you to keep this transaction confidential for the interest and security of this business to avoid any eye brow until the box is successfully delivered to you because this is under special arrangement.
Hopefully, you are ready to receive the safe this coming Monday I do not want to press you for time but it is Substantial for me to get the money into your COUNTRY by Monday so that we can turn attention to our travel plans to meet with you.
Please Understand that as soon as the clearance charges is paid in London, the diplomatic agent will have access to claim the box before departing to Scotland, as soon as the agent arrived Scotland, he will contact you for proper information of bringing the box directly to your home address as specified by you.
My kind regards, and I eagerly look forward to your answer Favorable and continued cooperation. Please always stay close to your computer from this moment to be checking mails so that you do not miss out from any information.
My regards,
Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.