It’s on its way….

Air waybill receipt

Dear Mrs Ethel Trellis,
As planned, the box is departing here in Syria this night to transit in London
tomorrow morning. As projected and verified, by tomorrow morning Monday 6: 15am London time on 1st December 2014 the box should be in London. Therefore, please expect an update from Mr. Porch the delivering agent in London tomorrow morning.
You should expect to receive the box through the agent in your country as planed. As I explained in my previous e-mails, Mr. Porch does not know the true content of the box. For the course of safety he only knows that the safe contains your personal things which he is to help deliver/hand over to you at your address in Scotland, please take note.
Please, you should kindly write him at his e-mail early Monday morning and let him know the airport that is nearest to you or you can call him at his Direct Telephone Number: +44792433603 and give him this information
The amount in the package is the mentioned $20,500.000 million dollars only. When you take over the safe from Mr. Porch in Scotland, when you get to your home, I shall give to you the complete key combination of the cash box.
After you have opened the safe with the code, you may wish to remove the full cost of the facility i am booking from you, the promised 20% percent and then put the rest aside for the planned investments. Other procedures for the investment will be at my Arrival in Scotland.
Please try as much as possible to comply with the directives in London airport regards to the clearance charges payment of the box to the custom to avoid the custom not to delay the box departure to your country so that the agent will hasten up to claim the box and depart to Scotland the same day for handover to you as we discussed.
I will expect your confirmation after you have received the box, I am hopeful that you will handle everything well at your end.
Thank you and may Allah bless! expect good news from you by tomorrow, i have attached the delivery receipt of the box to you, please keep it for confirmation tomorrow.
Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.