From: “Dipl. LORD PORCH” <>
Date: Mon, December 1, 2014 7:08 am

This is diplomat Lord Porch from London, i am the agent in charge of your consignment box delivery to Scotland. I wish to confirm the arrival of your consignment box early hour this morning sent by Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s from Syria in London Heathrow airport as confirm to me by the custom. As soon as i have finalized with the custom regards to the clearance of the box, i will update you.
Note: According to London custom policy, stated that any goods that enter into the country airport must pay the properly custom clearance duty charges. I will sign the papers for you and obtain the diplomatic yellow Tag. Note: It’s your responsibility to take care for Clearance charges payment to the custom.

Also the custom Agent has given us a deadline clearance to come and clear the box immediately, there will be extra demur rage charges that will be paid if you did not pay for the clearance of the box today or the box will be move to Security company for safe keeping purpose until the receiver/owner fulfill the customs duty procedures.

I will require your approval memo to go ahead and validate the cost of clearance and diplomatic tag E.T.C and I shall give you the details with the payment order.
Once this payment is made then I will proceed to Scotland to deliver the box to you in your home address that has been given to me, i have received the nearest airport in your city to enable me book direct flight ticket to your city in Scotland after concluding custom logistics today, include either your valid scan copy of your passport or identity card for verification and confirmation as the recipient of the box and forward to me as well.

Please be patient let me find out what the clearance cost for your consignment from the custom, I will get back to you with the payment details from custom soon with the information to transfer the clearance charges to the custom to enable me claim the consignment box and confirm to you my flight ticket to Islay airport Scotland.

Thank you for your patience.

Yours faithfully,
Diplomatic Agent,
Mr. Lord Porch.
London U.K