A demand for money.


From: “Dipl. LORD PORCH” <shippingagent_co@diplomats.com>
Date: Mon, December 1, 2014 10:40 am

Attn: Ethel Trellis,
This is diplomat Lord Porch from London UK, here is the proper clearance charges cost of the box from the custom office London, before the delivery of your box to Scotland, after concluding with the custom today. I have tried to contact you on the telephone number +447780925645 but you are not picking my call and also sent you SMS, please can you call me.
The customs clearance charges is £1,075.00
Logistics and airport shuttle transport service is £780.00
17.5% tax is £410.00
Totaling £2,265.00 GBP (Two Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Five Pounds Sterling)

You are to send the money via MONEY GRAM directly to my name as given below and after the payment, email the payment details to me for immediate pick up to pay the clearance charges to the custom before booking my departure ticket to Scotland to deliver the box to you.

  • Receivers Name: Lord Porch
  • Location: 120, Belmont Road Liverpool
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Amount: 2,265.00 pounds sterling

Immediately the fee is paid, notify me by sending the MONEY GRAM reference informations via email attachment.
You are required to go to any bank close to you now in your country and make the transfer via MONEY GRAM through the bank immediately and forward the payment information through email to me so i can make the payment to the custom and book my flight ticket to Scotland and get you informed my flight schedule to enable you pick me up at your airport in Scotland.
You can call me direct on my telephone number +447924339603 as soon as the payment is done.
Please do forward a scan copy of your passport or identity card for easy
identification. Here is a scan copy of the clearance charges document from the custom.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Lord Porch.
London UK.