Chester gets ignored

From: Peter Ikenga
To: trellis@??????.net
Subject: Make all possible effort to conclude this matter,
Date sent: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 13:05:13 +0100 (CET)

Dear Madam Trellis,

Good day to you this morning,hope all is well with you over there, I have been waiting for a response all to received good news about the payment from you, that is not how to deal with someone i told you initially that i hate being kept in the dark. if i may ask what is the situation of things now with you about the payment? I would want you to clear all this doubts of your,the position now with you is to sent the Fee to the attorney,

This is a great shock to me because Mr Opara of whoever he is called is absolutely wrong. we are talking about an outstanding contract payment which I myself was involved in the initial contract award singing and documentation. this transaction is real and geninue and I advice you to use another money transfer outlet and send this money to the attorney, Hurry up now.

I dont want you to live to regret ever meeting Mr Opara. Disgruntled people like Mr Opara are there only to undermine one’s possibilities in life and such people should be avoided. Please believe me because we are right on course on getting this money released and transferred to you instead of loosing this money to the politicians and their co – horts.Hurry up to sent the fee very important to conclude this matter,

Please go and send this money immediately and send the pick up information to the attorney as they should be expecting your information by now since I have just made my own payment few Day’s ago. Please get back to me with good new’s and please avoid disclosing any of our progressive arrangement to any one including Mr Opara. Thank you and best regards.


Barrister Peter Ikenga.