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Dear Mrs Mohd’s

I have hit a slight problem with regard to your box. I had initially assumed that we could pay Lord Porch Cash on Delivery, i.e. pay him with some of the contents of your box once he had delivered it. Unfortunately it seems the sum of 2,265.00 pounds sterling needs to be paid before the box can be delivered.
As you will have gathered, I am not a rich woman and I have a sick husband to care for. I probably have in the region of 15, maybe 20 pounds in the house, I could probably ask my employers for an advance on next month’s salary, that might bring in another hundred or so. I’ll see if I can think up any money making schemes, but it would take something of a miracle for me to raise £2,265.00 today.
I’m more than happy to send all the money I can get hold of, but I can’t imagine that box will be released without full payment of the outstanding sum.
Do you have any suggestions Mrs Mohd’s?
Assuring you of my best intentions in this matter.
Kind Regards,