Please do not entertain fear about what you are spending on my behalf

From: “Zahrah Mohd’s”
Date: Mon, December 1, 2014 4:10 pm

I understood from your mail and from the diplomatic agent in London that the custom is demanding clearance of the box of £2,265.00, although it is a normal procedure at the airport since the box is a waybill consignment and i also informed you about this charges before the box departed from Syria, please try as much possible to assist me for the clearance payment of the box in London airport, i have made a provision of 20% for you to get your money back as soon as the box arrived Scotland.
Please do not entertain fear about what you are spending on my behalf to retrieve the box from the custom in London airport since the money will be refunded in good agreement as discussed with out any hitch.
Contact the agent immediately to transfer the custom charges so that the box can be retrieved from the airport and delivered to you before the custom will demand for inspection of the box. You and i know very well that the content of the box is money, so you need to do whatever required to be done to ensure that the box leaves the airport in the next 48hrs.
Please do not entertain fears about the bill because as soon as the charges is paid today, the diplomatic agent Mr. Lord Porch will have access to claim the box and personal bring it to your address in Scotland without delay. Immediately the box arrived Scotland, please notify me so that i can forward the code number of the box for you to have access to deduct the money you spent including other money as we discussed in the previous mail. If you don’t have the complete money requested by the custom, you can get a loan since as soon as the box arrived Scotland you will have access to deduct the money in the box to refund where you borrowed immediately.
Thank you so kindly for your information.
I am looking forward to your swift responds in this aspect.

Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.