I’ll try a loan shark. This isn’t a scam is it?

Dear Mrs Mohd’s,

Please try not to worry, I’m sure we can sort something out here. I think you are right, my only option is to borrow the money, unfortunately with my meagre income I am unlikely to be able to borrow such a large sum of money from a reputable bank.
The only option would seem to be for me to approach a loan shark. Arthur Thomson lives near Bowmore and I could borrow Danny’s bicycle and go over to discus terms with Mr Thomson tonight. My concern is that Mr Thomson has a reputation as a ruthless thug, last year it was rumoured that he nailed old Mrs Flora McDonald to the door of her hovel after she was twice late with a payment.
May I be frank Mrs Mohd’s? I have great sympathy for your plight and would love to help you but in view of the unpleasant fate that would await me if I defaulted on a debt to Mr Thomson I have to be 100% certain that you will be able to reimburse me. It pains me to have to ask this, but I’m sure you will forgive me for doing so – Can I have your assurance, as one woman to another, that this isn’t a scam and I really will be reimbursed?
As soon as I receive your assurance then I will cycle to Bowmore and
arrange the loan.

Kind Regards,