this transaction is 100% legal


Dear Mrs Ethel Trellis,

Through our brief interaction by e-mail, I have learned you are a person of great character and kind, I am glad that I found you to help me. Likewise, I feel very comfortable with you and you can be absolutely sure that your goodness will be returned unfailingly and joyously. Like i said in the beginning of this transaction, i have all concrete evidence to confirm to you that this transaction is 100% legal with all legal documents that will identify the source of the money and to confirm to you as the receiver and owner of the cash that you have legal back up from me to your country.
It is obvious that we have not met before, we do not know each other. I understand your carefulness. Honestly, if I am in your shoes I will feel the same way, this is why i am forwarding to you my identity card so that you will confirm that you are dealing with the right person regards to this transaction to avoid entertaining fears for this payment, like i told you, i will strictly maintain our agreement to the later.

I still believe that you can assist me in that aspect but i am only getting signal from your heart to me that you are only afraid of spending such money because fears of scam, if this is your insinuation, we can make an agreement with an attorney regards to this transaction to confide in legal documents.
Please contact the diplomatic agent in London to finalize the clearance payment because the box is staying more than expected at the airport.

Thank you,
Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.