I have the money!

Dear Mrs Mohd’s,

I have just returned from Bowmore with £3000. The interest rate is an extortionate 50% for the 4 week period over which I have borrowed the money and there is also a £250 service charge. However all will be well when your box arrives. Mr Thomson is a hard but fair man, he emphasised that I had nothing at all to worry about as long as I was able to repay all I owe him within 4 weeks.
The Post office in Port Charlotte is closed on Tuesday mornings for cleaning so I will go along first thing tomorrow afternoon to transfer the money to Mr Porch.
This has all worked out rather well, it means I will be able to attend the whisky tasting at the Bruichladdich distillery tomorrow morning after all. They are releasing their latest heavily peated offering, made with locally grown barley and by tradition the villagers of Port Charlotte are the first to sample it. It would have been a shame to miss it.
I will inform you and Mr Lord Porch as soon as the deed is done.

Kind Regards,