I do apologise for this uncharacteristic behaviour…

Dear Mrs Mohd’s

Please forgive me, I have behaved in a most disgraceful fashion. As you will recall I planned to send the clearance money to Mr Lord Porch first thing this afternoon, after this morning’s whisky tasting.
Well, it all began to go a bit wrong after the third or fourth glass of cask strength Port Charlotte PC11. Things are a bit of a blur after that and by the time I got to the Post Office Mr McDonald was closing up. I did bang on the door and ask if I was too late to send a money gram but Mr McDonald just told me to go away and called me a “drunken old fool”.

I shall have an early night and go to the Post Office first thing tomorrow
morning. Once again, I do apologise for this uncharacteristic behaviour.
I will mail you as soon as I have transferred the money tomorrow.

Kind Regards,