a trip to the Lower East Side…..

From: Self
To: peter Ikenga
Subject: Compliance news
Date sent: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 14:38:36 -0000

Dear Mt Ikenga

Well, what a morning that was! Blodwyn’s Taxi Solutions charged an extortionate amount of money. THIRTY FIVE pounds, EACH WAY! If it hadn’t been essential to get the legal fees paid quickly then I would have waited until the bus was repaired, but sadly that wasn’t an option.

Anyway, the Lower East Side of Caernarfon is even rougher than I remembered it from my trip with Aida and the girls when the Russian whelk fleet last put into Bangor. What a night that was, but I digress. The taxi driver wasn’t prepared to go any further than the Station car park, so while he waited there I was forced to employ the services of a local hoodlum, the improbably named “Lucky” Croucher, to act as my guide and minder. He charged 40 pounds and even then muttered darkly about a tip. Really, Mr Ikenga, I sometimes wonder if you and I are the only honest people left in the world.

We eventually found a booth at the back of O’Riley’s Market where an unsavoury looking chap agreed to arrange a money transfer. Having been relieved of £70 for taxi fares and a further £40 for my guide I was of course now down to £18. I wasn’t best pleased to discover that the minimum commission on a money transfer was £6.50, but having no choice, I agreed to the deal and have now sent £11.50 to :


The reference number is 218365602

I hope this is satisfactory.

Kind regards

Mrs E Trellis