This is my attached passport


From: “Dipl. LORD PORCH” <>
To: trellis

Attn: Ethel Trellis,

This is my attached passport as you requested. You should understand that my office is in Liverpool as an agent, i have worked as an agent for the passed 11 years now, it not important that my office must be in London where the airport is located, if i have a client who has a delivery, the client has to contact me before the arrival of the consignment while i travel to London to confirm the arrival of the consignment and make adequate arrangement for the delivery because it only take me 2hours 7minutes from Liverpool to London on train, as i am writting to you now, i am waiting for the payment in Liverpool to enable me pick up the money and take the next available train to London to finalize with the custom before departing to Scotland for delivery of your consignment.
Kindly stop entertaining questions from the Money Gram agent and ask the agent to transfer the money as requested to avoid delays today that will be increasing the custom clearance demur rage.

I wait for the transfer confirmation from you today.
Mr. Lord Porch.