a big six wheeler, scarlet painted…..

From: Self
To: Peter Ikenga
Subject: Re: VERY URGENT
Date sent: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 17:27:21 -0000

Dear Mr Ikenga

As I said, by the time I’d paid the extortionate demands of Blodwyn’s Taxi Solutions, “Lucky” Croucher and the money transfer commission, there was only £11.50 to be sent, that’s ELEVEN POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE.

The name that I used to send the money was my own, Ethel Trellis.

The Country I sent the money from was Wales.

The number that the unsavoury chap in the booth at the back of O’Riley’s market gave me was 2183656021.

He did ask me a question, I hadn’t realised it was important, he said “how are you getting home?” and I said, “well, I was going to use a big six-wheeler, scarlet painted, London transport, diesel engine, ninety-seven horsepower omnibus, but that broke down so it will have to be one of Blodwyn’s taxis.”

I do hope that helps.

Kind regards

Mrs Trellis.