(this time with a virus in a .zip)

Subject: moneygram receipt – DPF
From: trellis
To: “Dipl. LORD PORCH” <shippingagent_co@diplomats.com>
Cc: zarrmm005@outlook.com

Dear Mr Lord Porch,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. As I mentioned in my last email, Thursday night is Gin and Whelk Night at the Port Charlotte Village Hall. I fear I may have had one whelk too many, or perhaps it was the gin, either way things are a little hazy from about 8PM onwards.
Anyway, I have just been to see to Mrs Naughtie. I am sorry to say that I have to wonder if she is quite as computer literate as she claims to be, I asked her if I could have the scan in DPF format and she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. Eventually she managed to produce the attached file. I hope it helps.
Having heard nothing further from you I have to assume that the money hasn’t been delivered. Did you return home last night and, if so, was there a card from the MoneyGram People? I assume it must be like a parcel delivery, they will try twice then you have to pick it up from the depot. Perhaps I should ask Mr McDonald.

Do let me know what is happening.

Kind Regards,
Ethel Trellis (Mrs)