Mrs T is offended

From: Self
To: Peter Ikenga
Subject: Re: HURRY UP NOW
Date sent: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:52:16 -0000

Dear Mr Ikenga

I’m sure I don’t know what you are implying by “whatyou need to do is tofollow up the instructions and stop drinking gin “, I’ll have you know that I am a by-word for sobriety in these parts.

I have to say that the transfer agent we employed did look a bit shifty but I’m not keen on another trip to the mean streets of Caernarfon unless absolutely essential. I have therefore reviewed your information and have noticed that you have made a couple of mistakes:

Firstly, it isn’t Wales England. Wales isn’t part of England and that sort of mistake can make people even crosser than when they get accused of drinking too much gin. It is Wales, United Kingdom.

Secondly you seem to have the question and answer wrong, unless you were encrypting it for security purposes. The question was “how are you getting home?” and the answer was “well, I was going to use a big six-wheeler, scarlet painted, London transport, diesel engine, ninety-seven horsepower omnibus, but that broke down so it will have to be one of Blodwyn’s taxis.”

Do try to pay attention Mr Ikenga, this operation can’t afford any further slip ups of this nature.

KInd regards

Mrs Trellis