“no money available to pick up”

Subject: RE: moneygram receipt – DPF
From: “Zahrah Mohd’s” <zarrmm005@outlook.com>
To: trellis

Dear Ethel,
I think the money you gave to Mr. MacDonald, the agent did not transfer the money for you because Mr. Lord informed me now that he called Money Gram office directly with this telephone number +18009269400 to confirm this money but he was told that there is no money available to pick up. Kindly go back to the agent to confirm why he could not transfer the money you gave him on 4th or you collect the money from the agent and go to another Money agent to make the transfer to Mr. Porch to avoid all this problems.
This is the information i am receiving from Mr. Lord Porch now.

Mrs. Zahrah Mohd’s.