and leave Chester in charge of a whelk stall???????

Dear Mr. Wuddah

I hope you haven’t booked your flight to Wales yet. I have just this minute received a mail from your bank. All seems to be going very well, I now have all the documentation connected with the transfer, unfortunately there is a little problem. Mr. Aidoo wants me to fly to Ghana to sign some papers on 2nd December. This raises a number of practical difficulties, of which leaving Chester in charge of a whelk stall is but one.
It seems outrageous that in this age of electronic communication one should have to travel halfway around the world just to complete a simple business transaction. I haven’t been very impressed with Mr. Aidoo so far and would not be at all surprised if he has simply got his regulations muddled. I shall see what he has to say, meanwhile do you have any ideas as to how we might progress this without an elderly lady (that’s me) being forced to make an arduous journey?

I await your reply.

Kind Regards