Dear Mr. Wuddah

Thank you for your recent communication. I knew there had to be a simple explanation, it’s just so difficult to find competent staff nowadays isn’t it? I have similar problems with young Elsie who cleans out the whelk buckets on alternate Tuesday afternoons, a few chips short of a fish supper If you take my meaning. Still, I suppose you’ll be able to employ someone more capable once our business is transacted.

Which brings me to the matter in hand, I’m not entirely happy with the proposed sharing ratio. I entirely accept that up till now you have done the lions share of bringing this to fruition, however you would be hard pressed to find anyone else with quite my skill set and I feel that if we are to work as partners then a more equable sharing arrangement would be appropriate.

I therefore propose that we should split the proceeds 50/50.

Kind Regards

Ethel Trellis (Mrs.)