Mr Wuddah hasn’t been listening….

Dear Ethel,

I have gone through your mail and the content is well noted.

If you will be able to come down here to Ghana to sign this document that will just be the best idea. But I have only given you the previous suggestion, in case you won’t be able to come.

But by the turn of your mail I really appreciate the fact that you can actually come to Ghana to do the signing yourself, because this will allow us see each other physically and also make arrangements to enable both of us travel back to your country for the sharing of the money in the ratio we earlier agreed on (45/55) respectively, after the signing.

Please it is also very important at this point that I get your telephone number for easier communication. You can reach me on this telephone number anytime. (+233-543457174) And also remember that on no account must you allow anyone know that I linked you with this transaction because we do not know who is who, to avoid jeopardizing our efforts so far. Ones again,it is very important that you keep this to yourself for security reasons and because of the amount involved.

Do get back to me after you conclude with your travelling agent and Mr. Aidoo too.

Best regards,
Mr. Frank