Barrister Ibekah agrees to assist

Attn: Ethel Trellis (Mrs.)


Thank you so much for the offer to represent you in this assignment of endorsement of fund release order and for the transfer of the amount of $3,500,000.00 with International Commercial Bank Ghana Limited.

When I received your message, I first of all contacted Mr. Raymond C. Aiddoo of the International Commercial Bank Ghana directly to verify the authenticity of the offer. I discovered the true existence of the account in your name, all that is left is to complete the transfer of the account/funds to you as the owner/ beneficiary, is by signing the fund release order. (FRO)

I have accepted to represent you and wish to re-assure you of my honest commitment in the discharge of my assignment to you.

The official cost of obtaining the Notarization from the legal court here in Ghana including the stamp duty is £575.00 only, and my professional charge is £1,000.00 (payable within 72 hours that the funds is transferred to you).

You are advised to send the amount of £575.00 via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram to my protocol officer by the information below:

Name of Receiver: MISS BETHA MENSAH.
Address of Receiver: 57 Domi Road, Zuma Plaza, First Floor Suite 12,
P. O.. box 20052 ,Accra – Ghana .

Test question: How is your family
Answer: Fine

Please send the money transfer control number (MTCN) to me as soon as you send it. You should also send a scanned copy of your International Passport, Driver’s License or any valid ID that will be used in securing the needed documents at the court.

Finally, if you can be able to send the needed amount for the paperwork today, I shall proceed to the court and obtain the documents without delay. Then I will proceed for the assignment at the bank by tomorrow.

Yours in service,

Barr. James Ibekah (Esq.)