Mr Wuddah agrees to pay a proportion….

Daer Ethel,

Thanks for the update.

I am glad to hear that you have received a feed back from the attorney and the fee of £575 is not much of a problem going by what you have explained but here in Ghana, we are not allowed to send money out of Ghana through the Western Union or Money Gram service but can only received through them, which makes it rather impossible for me to send money to you.

Secondly, we will have a little problem with an existing law here, which stipulates that for any international transfer such as this, for which the beneficiary is not resident in the country, and regarding which a legal attorney has to represent such beneficiary, a payment evidence directly from the beneficiary bearing such beneficiary’s name, must be presented by the representing attorney before the notarisation can be obtained.

This is necessary, to prove that the beneficiary actually exist and he / she is the person authorizing the representing attorney to obtain the Notarization from the court on his / her behalf because government claims that many prominent figures in our society, have transferred huge amount of money outside this country under the disguise that the beneficiary is not present in the country.

For this reason, this law exist that there must be a payment receipt from the non resident beneficiary which must be presented to the court before the Notarization can be obtained. Having explained all of these, I will need you to send to the lawyer, at least £200.00 together with the copy of the payment receipt so that he can present it in order to obtain the notarization, while I will give a confidant friend the balance of £375 to take to the lawyer’s office or make him have it on your behalf, any way he instructs.

Get back to me as soon as you send this to the lawyer and let me know on time, so that I make him have the balance.

Keep me posted as soon as you do this.