Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:22 PM
Subject: I look forward for your positive reply.

Dear Ethel Trellis (Mrs.)

Thank you for your mail. As I had assured you early, the process of the transaction is very legitimate and can not go against the law of our respective countries. There is no single risk or dangers for you in this transaction. Also I am aware that the funds may be taxed. Of course we shall settle all due taxes from the principal sum before we share the balance as we earlier agreed. So please accept the sharing ratio of 70/30% respectively.

This money is not wanted money by anyone. I used my position to divert it into this Non-Investment Account, which I want you to stand as the depositor/owner. Believe me it is not risky. Remember I am still working with this bank, so I will not want any scandal myself. Please trust me, I will handle it successfully and risk free.

I can understand your sceptic but believe me that this is very confidential. Only between you and me knew what we are doing. To the bank officials, you are the real owner. I am going to back up your claim with every necessary document.

So, please kindly furnish me with below information’s;

1, Your full names;

2, Mailing address

3, Your identification

As soon as I receive the above information, we shall proceed without further delay.

I look forward for your positive reply.