50% without a fight

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 13:19:05 -0800
From: mystriotisloukas@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: From Mystriotis Loukas To Ethel Trellis My Offer Details.
To: ?????@hotmail.co.uk

Dear Mrs. Ethel,

Thanks for your return mail, this is to confirm my understanding in tanderm with your requirement.

I and my wife have enough contemplated on your request and we have finally agreed to offer you the 50% of the total funds as per your request.

At this point of time, I will need you to furnish me with your details such as profession,age,current address, tel/fax numbers, all this I will need to proceed with the related requisites to the shipping firm where this package is deposited.

I wait for your return mail and details so that I can advise you on the right perspective on how to completed this unfinished assignment.