which practically makes me a Lawyer

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 13:54:06 -0800
From: mystriotisloukas@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: FW: Official Delivery Notification.

Dear Mrs. Ethel,

I confirmed forwarded infomation herewith from the Sealed Vault Security Firm together with those reference as if fully set forth therein in their respective entireties, nunc pro tunc and void abinitio, So Help Me God. I am qualified to utilize the foregoing legalspeak because I completed the University of Greece at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece Law eSchool’s Apprentice Assistant Paralegal Short Course 8-Track Cassette Seminar, which practically makes me a Lawyer. I am touched so alright by your demonstration of roundedness, that I want to say; thank you.

I am humble by your versatility and distinguished personality, It is a sure plus for me that you’re capable of handling this transaction because this is a confirmation of great confidence I have. I don’t think I have mentioned this to you before, I have a sick father whose medical bill leaves me with little or nothing at months end. I am happy that this project is becoming more successful everyday, though I am unfamiliar with transactions such as this, I just called Sealed Vault Security Firm WA after speaking with them on length they confirmed to me that the $1,638.43 required is to undertake the outside estimation of the maximum total fees which their venereal institution Experts Charges in connection with the duties entrusted them in this matter, as soon as they receive the fee they will proceed and do the needful to enable their delivery officials leave for delivery.

According to my research, I gathered that stay your located at Bangor which is a city in Gwynedd, north west Wales, and one of the smallest cities in Britain. You note that we have to be moved like prepared people in this wise this agreement has been made where I agreed to offer you 50% of the total funds, I assume that the time has come to avail yourself fully when it became very clear that dictation of what is to be done through and through is the exclusive of you who has the commission to do so. Do what you must do to make this happen, communicate with the Sealed Vault Security Firm WA and let them know when you will completed the requirement, just do more than encourage to make this happen.

E-Business is not in the future– it is here and now, please join me in the 21st century.

Mystriotis Loukas