How about a photograph

My Dear Mr Loukas

Thank you for your letter. I had NO idea that your father was sick, I can well imagine the strain that this might place on your finances. My husband Chester’s medication bill is quite astronomical following his unfortunate incident with the hot air balloon but fortunately I am fabulously-well-to-do following the sale of my whelk business.

Now that you have explained your situation I entirely see that it is not fair to ask you to pay the delivery fees for our package and hence shall make enquiries as to the nearest Western Union office.

Before I complete the transaction I wonder if I might ask a favour. In business I have always dealt with people face to face, email , fax and phone seem so impersonal. Would you be able to send me a photograph so that I can see who I am dealing with? You might wish to include your wife also, either way, to confirm that the gentleman in the photograph is really you, would you please ensure that you are holding a sign saying “Hello Ethel”.

As soon as I receive your photograph I will arrange the money transfer to the Sealed Vault Security Firm.

Kind Regards