Mr. Loukas is unamused

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 16:33:12 -0800
Subject: Indicate your interest or no deal.

Dear Ethel,

Why are you sounding so funny? you said i should take a photograph holding a sign saying “Hello Ethel” Just because of you are in position to pay a delivery charges that is not up to a £1000 pounds. I now understand that you are not a serious and trustworthy person to deal with. How do you ask me to send you my photograph and the one of my wife. Are you doing business with my wife or myself. How would you feel if i ask you to take photograph with your husband holding a sign of ” Mystriotis Loukas”. Once you do that and send the photo to me, and after my confirmation i will do as you said.

Be inform that you are not dealing with a child, if you want us to proceed then follow my instruction and wire the said charges to the security firm or you back out from the deal as I have too many pressing concern over this project.