Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 12:32:03 -0800
Subject: Send the signed copy of the agreement.

Dear Mrs. Ethel,

You don’t seems to understand the nature and dimension of this investment agreement, how can you just send me an email telling me that you have previewed and printed a copy signed it and kept it somewhere? how does it sound to you? Listen and listen to me very good, I am a dedicated and faithful christian who practices christianity, I don’t like people telling me lies when I am very plain and transparent to them.

I sent you my copy signed of the investment agreement, send yours too if you have signed it, if your sure that yiou have signed your part, send it to me for acknowledgement and references?

I cannot just accept ordinary written message that you have signed the agreement, let me have it here and be sure that am dealing with the right person.

I have too many pressing concern over this project with you, but I need to be sure that your serious and not wasting my time.