spend some of my emergency cash on a new Range Rover

Dear Mr Loukas

I fear I must have misunderstood your letter. How can I first send you the signed copy BEFORE sending it by surface mail?

I have no means of signing the electronic copy.

I have printed off and signed a paper copy.

As previously discussed, I have no means of scanning the printed and signed document without involving a third party and hence I HAVE NO MEANS OF SENDING THE SIGNED COPY TO YOU OTHER THAN BY SURFACE MAIL.

Really Mr Loukas, are you attempting to have a joke at my expense?

On an entirely unconnected subject, North Wales was today subject to a severe snow storm, the roads were nearly impassable and my lunchtime trip to the Dog and Bucket for a pint of gin nearly had to be called off. Fortunately the local Landrover dealership was open and I was able to spend some of my emergency cash on a new Range Rover. Four wheel drive really does make a difference in the snow. Do you ever get snow in your part of the world Mr. Loukas?

Kind Regards