I can only assume that you have been drinking

Mr Loukas,

Your recent communications puzzle me greatly. I initially wondered if perhaps it was simply that we were having difficulties communicating in what is not our respective first language, but having re-read your last three emails I can only assume that you have been drinking. My Sister Ivy had a problem with alcohol back in the seventies when North Wales was awash with bootlegged gin. She used to sit in her armchair all day, drinking and making inconsistent and increasingly bizzare demands of anyone who chanced by the front window. I finally put a stop to it with a sharp blow from an empty gin bottle.

Please give serious thought to this matter Mt. Loukas, what must your poor wife think?

Anyway, I have seen a solution to our immediate problem. I shall jump in the Range Rover and drive to our nearest branch of PC World where I assume that someone will be able to both sell me a scanner and explain how to use it. I shall then scan the agreement and send you a copy by email.


Ethel Trellis (Mrs.)