Dear Mr Loukas.

Please excuse my delay in replying to you, snow has brought chaos to North Wales. On the way home from the Dog and Bucket yesterday I became stuck in a traffic jam on the A683. It was caused by a jack-knifed lorry, rather ironically carrying a load of Welsh Whelks. The extent of the snow made tuning around impossible so after several hours stuck in the Range Rover I was finally rescued by a helicopter. It was fortunate that I had a spare bottle of gin in the car else who knows what might have happened.

Anyway, to the matter in hand. I am deeply puzzled and concerned by the sudden appearance of your sister in-law as a party to this deal. Why has she been brought in? This started off as a straightforward and simple to understand deal, I was about to pay the money to the shipping company when you suddenly decided that we had to waste time with written contracts. Was that simply a delaying tactic until you could get your sister-in-law on board? And what about that contract? Surely if there is now a THIRD person involved it will need to be rewritten?

I won’t say that I blame drink for your erratic behaviour Mr Loukas, but I do have my suspicions.



Ethel Trellis (Mrs.)