Do this today

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 04:40:53 -0800
Subject: Do this today.

Dear Mrs. Ethel,
I have just called the shipping firm now and they told me that they have not heard a word from you, please forward the the attachment of the $850 western union payment to the shipping firm now and also try your possible best and locate a western union office today and pay the balance of $788.43 so that they can start processing the delivery this week.
My sister inlaw can never find out about this transaction because she just borrowed me the $850 and she does not know why I needed it for, so let that not be your problem, the only thing I needed is to see this package move and deliver to you this week so I could get my share of the funds by next week and pay her back the $850 she borrowed me.
I am counting on you, please do what you must do today and complete the balance  $788.43  and advise teh shipping firm to deliver the package to you this week.