Dear Mr. Wuddah

Fear not, I have the matter in hand. I find that it is best not to rush these things.

I would have had it completed by now if not for a previous engagement by way of a trip to Newcastle on Friday to see the 70’s progressive rock band “Yes”. The tour has gone ahead without the lead singer, Mr. Jon Anderson, who had suffered from a respiratory illness and been replaced by a Mr. Benoit David, who used to sing in a “Yes” tribute band called “Close to the Edge”. It really was a very strange experience Mr. Wuddah, Mr. David sounds very much like Mr. Anderson and even copies his mannerisms. The keyboard player was a Mr. Oliver Wakeman, the son of the famous keyboardist Mr. Rick Wakeman. Despite a shaky start it was certainly worth the long trip from North Wales, indeed the encore of all three sections of “Starship Trooper” was worth the trip alone.

My husband Chester was unfortunately unable to accompany me, I will just have to accept that, though he has physically recovered from the hot air balloon incident, he is unlikely to ever be fully himself again. Still, we all have our crosses to bear Mr. Wuddah, and in the grand scheme of things I don’t suppose that Chester’s little “foibles” are anything to worry about. Or so I told PC Morgan last time Chester was actually caught, his case doesn’t come up until next January, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

But I digress.

I shall complete the application tomorrow and send you a copy.

Kind Regards

Ethel Trellis (Mrs.)