Thank you very much for your respond,

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 22:31:44 -0800
Subject: Thank you very much for your respond,Read carefully and get back to me

Dear Good Friend

Thank you for your respond, Dear friend do note that this is very transparent and real, and it can be achieved in less than 2 weeks, the transaction will be followed legitimately and I want to brief you on the details which the fund will be transferred as a contract payment to avoid anybody looking into it.

To start with I will provide a financial attorney that will stand on your behalf and sign all the relevant documents on your behalf and will assist you in company registration and opening of a non resident account where the money will be deposited into and you can directly remit through online to your designated bank account. The attorney have to register your company name here in South Africa with the Business registration Board, with the registration paper he will be able to register the company as a contractor under the South Africa contract award committee and all the document right from the registration stage will be backdated in other to suite our claim.

Once the contract registration certificate is out he will use it to obtain the Contract Award Certificate from the SACAA Contract Establishment Board showing that the contract was legitimately awarded to your company via the SACAA Contract Award Committee, the Contract Award Certificate will carry in it the contract number, the year the contract was awarded to your company, the duration of the contract and the purpose to which the contract was awarded and executed.

With this certificate we shall then request for letter of claim that will be sent to you, you are to fill it and sign it requesting the SACAA to pay to your company the contract amount due to your company as a contractor that has completed its contract, we shall then apply for the fund transfer to your account with all your banking details and company details to the SACAA contract payment office, other document will be obtained to cover the legitimacy of the transfer from the SACAA, to the Department of Finance and the Inland Revenue Service.

We shall pay taxes on the company name to the IRS in accordance with the

Contract biding process and you will take care of only the online non-resident account opening. Once the entire document is in place the government will verify them and

Immediately pay the sum to your account.

I wait to hear from you as soon as possible due to the urgency of the remittance.

Feel Free to call me.

I thank you very much

yours truly,

Mr Joseph Damane

Phone: +27833614488