I can honestly guarantee you that the fund transfer will be completed within seven working days

To: “Brooke Nodelay” b.nodelay@hotmail.co.uk
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 06:00:26 +0000
From: edward@nathanassociates.com

Attention: Brooke Nodelay,


After my consultation with your partner Mr. Joseph Damane and the various ministries responsible for the issuance of all the necessary documents that was handed over to me, I can guarantee the safety of the transfer of this fund as long as you and your partner follows my legal advice.

First and foremost, in other to effectively transfer this fund out without any hitch now or even after, we need to (a) Get you registered as one of the accredited contractor with the Government. (b) We need to get your registration certificate back dated to suite with the contact awarded date (c) We need to get all the payment release documents Notarized at the High Court. (d) You need to have a non-resident dollar account (Domiciliary Account) with one of the commercial banks here.

I need you to furnish me with your personal profile to enable me know your status and to draw up a binding joint investment agreement between you and your partner this I have to do in order to protect your interest as my client and also protect the interest of your partner.

The legal service assistance I have to carry out to ensure smooth and successful transfer is as follows;-

1. Obtaining a clearance Certificate that will certify that the fund is not in any way related to drug money or money Laundry.

2. Ensuring that all the documents proving the legitimacy of the fund are obtained.

3. Obtaining the Anti terrorist clearance from the Ministry of Justice declaring the fund free and safe.

Finally, I will ensure that this transfer is 100% risk free and safe for both parties

Am attaching here a Power of Attorney which you have to sign and return back to me to act on your behalf and also forward me your passport or national identity document copy which will be used to register and open a non-resident account on your behalf. Immediately I receive your document copy I will proceed with the remittance.

I can honestly guarantee you that the fund transfer will be completed within seven working days from the date you register and open the account.

Yours Sincerely,

Edward Nathan Esq

The Power of Attorney document