just speak slowly and very loudly.

Dear Mr Damane

Thank you for your email. You have obviously misunderstood my previous mail, let me attempt to spell it out:

  • I am not, and have no intention of, “listing to any other person”.
  • Mr Nathan sent me an email which was marked “Attention Mr. Yousuf Faza”
  • I have never had the pleasure of Mr Yousuf Faza.
  • My concern is therefore that MR EDWARD NATHAN may have divulged our details to another person.
  • I am pleased to hear that Mr Nathan is a Good Man, but I would like an explanation from him as to why he sent me an email marked for the attention of Mr. Yousuf Faza.
  • I am not prepared to take this transaction any further without such an explanation.

I hope that the above is clear Mr. Damane, I am guessing, indeed I am frevently hoping, that English is not your first language.  I am reasonably fluent in French, Italian, Mandarin and a couple of Finnish dialects and would be happy to converse in one of those languages if that would help matters.

Kind Regards